Short History of Grand Terrace:

Grand Terrace’s voters approved city incorporation by 82 percent vote on November 7, 1978 and became the 16th city in San Bernardino County on November 30, 1978. The formation meeting was held  at Terrace Hills Middle School at which  City Council was installed and Tony Petta became  its  first mayor. The Chamber of Commerce along with the Municipal Advisory Council spearheaded the efforts for gaining cityhood.

Grand Terrace's roots go back to the mid nineteenth century as the initial settlers received Mexican land grants. Growing from its reported nine buildings in 1876, the City, first known as East Riverside, began its development in earnest with the construction of the Gage Canal in 1896. The canal provided a plentiful supply of water from the Santa Ana River for the initial crops of citrus trees which were mostly destroyed by a freezing weather. Peach and walnut trees were planted as replacement crops because of their ability to withstand cold weather. 

At first, the area was referred to as the "Terrace". Sometime around 1898, the word "Grand" was added to the name in keeping with the beautiful vistas from many points of the area. Grand Terrace, as the area was now known, occupies 3.6 square miles of land at an average elevation of 1,065 feet. The City lies between the two mountain ridges of Blue Mountain and La Loma Hills. Grand Terrace is known as the Blue Mountain City, a moniker referring to the Blue Lupine flower that once adorned Blue Mountain in the springtime. 

The First Mayor:

Tony Petta was the city's first mayor, serving from 1978 to 1982. He also served one term on the city council following his tenure as mayor. Tony was active in the community, having a hand in constructing the Civic Center building, which now houses City Hall and the Library. During the days leading up to city incorporation, Tony's slogan for the soon to be city was:

....."let's make Grand Terrace an enviable place to live"....

(Most of the information referenced in the above was drawn from the Press Enterprise in the case of a Short History of Grand Terrace, the San Bernardino Sun in the case of the First Mayor; and general internet based inquiry)

The Henderson family wholeheartedly agrees with the above sentiment.

Ken has a long history  in public service, and the end of 2018 will mark his 38th year in government service (Ken’s hobbies include reading, NBA basketball, NFL football, professional boxing and automobile racing.  Those in the automotive aftermarket performance industry know that Ken is also renowned worldwide, and especially on the national scene in car enthusiast circles. His cars have won many awards and have been featured in nine magazines and one seminal book on street turbocharging published by HPBooks). 

Cecilia Lopez-Henderson, Ken’s wife of 28-years attended East L.A College, San Bernardino Valley College and Cal State San Bernardino as an undergraduate and Cal State San Bernardino as a graduate.

Like her husband, Ken, Cecilia is retired, but also has 37-years of public service.  Twenty (20) of those years came with the San Bernardino County Local Agency Formation Commission and the remaining 17 years with the City of Fontana.

The Henderson Family:

By now, you must have asked yourself certain questions about myself and my family. Who are we? How did I arrive "on the scene"? What about my past and that of my family?  The following provides a short account of family, my journey leading to Grand Terrace and my opportunity to really do good for the citizens of “The Blue Mountain City."

Ken Henderson was born to Robert and Anna Henderson in the City of  Mobile, Alabama. He has lived in the city of Grand Terrace with his wife Cecilia for the past 34+ years.

Ken grew up in a seven-member household with  two brothers and two sisters.  His brothers range in age from 65 to 71 and his sisters ranged in age from 65 to 69.  Until the recent passing of his older sister, Ken was the middle child of the family.

Ken has four nephews and multiple great nephews and nieces.

The family was brought up as Seventh-Day Adventists, with all five children attending Seventh-Day Adventist educational institutions (Vallejo Seventh-Day Adventist Elementary School, Napa Junior Academy, Rio Lindo Academy, La Sierra University, Loma Linda University Schools of Nursing and Public Health), with the sole exception being Ken’s attendance at UCLA Graduate School after graduating from La Sierra University.