Candidate's Positions

My positions on issues facing the City of Grand Terrace are a true reflection of the City's Mission and Vision as stated in the City's 2030 Vision Statement.


"Our Mission

To preserve and protect our community and its exceptional quality of life through thoughtful planning, within the constraints of fiscally responsible government."


"Our Vision

Grand Terrace is an exceptionally safe and well managed City , known for its natural  beauty and recreational  opportunities; a vibrant and diverse local economy; a place where residents enjoy an outstanding quality of life that fosters pride and an engaged community, encouraging families to  come and remain for generations."

(Note: The above Mission and Vision statements were extracted from City of Grand Terrace documents)


I believe that, despite our size, we are better positioned than other, larger cities to leverage our land, natural resources and the expertise of our labor force, our retirees and executives of top companies who live in Grand Terrace, to grow our economy and to, finally, fulfill the promise contained in our geography, demographic profile and civic engagement that led to the city’s incorporation in the first place.


I am committed to making use of all my economic development experiences, gained by my work, primarily, as economic development director, redevelopment director and city manager.  As many of you know, economic development is the engine that drives the development of virtually all government services.