Grand Blue Rising

Interstate 215 and Interstate 10 converges at the most advantageous points for the dynamic development of the City of Grand Terrace. With Riverside city and county forming its southern boundary, and mountains forming a natural boundary to the east, the city has been poised for quite some time to assume the helm of the economic gateway to the inland valley.

I have made my candidacy about my own City pride, and my family's pride and commitment to the city as well. Having lived here for 34+ years, I could not be more proud of the city, its people and, of course, our historic landmark of Blue Mountain. It is why I have made the theme of this campaign Grand Blue Rising. Of course, "Grand" and "Blue" pay homage to both the City and Blue Mountain. I look upon the many economic opportunities I believe are forthcoming as our "Rising" to fill our rightful place as a beacon of prosperity for the City and region.

As a member of the City Council, I have been proud to share in the diligent work of my fellow City Council members in laying the groundwork for what we anticipate will be tremendous economic growth over the next several years. Our first inclination is to give "Rise" to the betterment of our citizens. To give "Rise" to the betterment of our infrastructure. To give "Rise" to sound business development that complements our Grand Terrace outlook and history. To give "Rise" to our young people by providing better and more diverse recreational opportunities and sports facilities. To give “Rise” to better job opportunities for young and old alike. To give "Rise" to the compassionate treatment of our elderly. To give "Rise" to better work environments for our city workers, our teachers, our librarians, our police officers and all those who impact the daily lives of our citizens.

I have committed myself to the difficult and time consuming work that is necessary to accomplish our 2030 Vision and to make Grand Blue Rising an integral part of that work.  Please join us in this effort.

"superficial goals lead to superficial results"

My Priorities for the City:


-    Form alliances with those who prioritize service to the City and promote enhanced public safety.


-    Address the most pressing needs of our residents through the full and complete implementation of our 2030 Vision.


-    Assist local businesses to grow and become more successful.


-    Grow job opportunities for all by fully exploiting economic development opportunities currently available to the City.


-    Promote and advocate for higher paying jobs through a better educated work force.

I was appointed to complete the term of service relating to the City Council’s vacant seat on December 12, 2017. I have served with my fellow Council members with great confidence in what we as a Council can accomplish for the city.

My job, our job, is not complete. As such, I am running to continue serving you the people of Grand Terrace for a full term. I bring over 37-years of service at the highest levels of government, working primarily in the field of economic development. My resume’, and some of my background, is contained in the Reading and Video Room section of this website. I invite you to look at both.

Excerpt of Ken’s comments to the City Council and the public upon his appointment as a City Council member (see full text of Ken’s acceptance speech here):

………..”when important decisions are made by this body, some may be pleased with the decision and some, maybe many, not so much. So how should one reconcile varying opinions from all quarters of the community and make the “right” choice that’s best for the community? What would you do if your neighbors, family members, friends and others told you to go north, east, south and west…at the same time? For me, the answer involves two things in particular: The first is, I believe in the fair and free exchange of ideas, with the best ideas winning out. The second is, I believe in the Greater Good Principle; that is to say, making decisions that provide the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of people”……...