Ken Henderson: the following are

Highlights of Ken's Professional History


My journey rests in my strong belief in God and family and a life-long commitment to any undertaking that brings the most benefit to the most people while not neglecting those who have typically been left behind.  This is what I often refer to as the Greater Good Principle.

I did not just arrive "on the scene", I have a long and distinguished background in various leadership roles in economic development in particular and municipal management in general. I have worked as a City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Economic Development Director, Redevelopment Director and Community Development Director. While my public service has been extensive, to me, the most impactful, most meaningful position I have occupied has been my time serving as one of your current City Council Members. Having been appointed to the vacant City Council seat, I feel privileged that the City Council and community felt confident enough in my abilities to have appointed me to that seat at such a critical time in our history.


The following specific experiences will allow me to serve the city well:



Ken Henderson is a Grand Terrace City Council Member, a position he has held since December 2017. As a City Council member, he is responsible for providing policy direction to, primarily, the City Manager and City Attorney and City Clerk, as appropriate, in furtherance of the City’s Vision 2030 goals of the highest priority (public safety, economic development and financial management).

Prior to being appointed to serve, he had retired after years of service in the following positions:


Interim City Manager, CITY OF GRAND TERRACE

Served as chief executive officer for all municipal operations during period of potential fiscal insolvency, including the Redevelopment Agency, Industrial Development Authority, the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency and the Grand Terrace Public Finance Authority.


Assistant Town Manager for Economic and Community Development, TOWN OF APPLE VALLEY

Executive Director, Apple Valley Redevelopment Agency

For over a sixteen year period, he planned, organized, directed and managed the Town’s economic development, redevelopment, housing and special projects functions; Ken also planned, organized, directed and managed the Town’s planning, engineering and building and safety functions; managed twenty-seven (27) person staff allocated to the planning, building and safety, engineering and economic development divisions; Ken served as Town Manager in Town Manager’s absence.

Assistant Director of Redevelopment, CITY OF LANCASTER

Served as Chief Operations Officer of the Lancaster Redevelopment Agency and assisted in the planning, organizing, directing and managing of the City’s economic development, redevelopment, housing, Community Development Block Grant and finance activities; managed eleven (11) person staff allocated to housing and economic development divisions.


Executive Director, CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO – Economic Development Agency, Development Department (Redevelopment Agency)

Over a five year period, Ken planned, organized, directed and managed the City’s redevelopment, economic development, housing, Community Development Block Grant, homeless services, redevelopment finance and grant accounting activities; managed forty (40) person staff allocated to development, housing and administrative services divisions.


Director of Community Development, CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO – Community Development Department

During a four year period, Ken was responsible for planning, organizing, directing and managing the City’s Community Development Block Grant, housing, small business loan, grant writing and beautification activities; managed and supervised ten (10) person staff allocated to administration, housing development and housing rehabilitation sections.